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Building Livable Tree Houses

Livable tree houses are a big project that takes time, patience and lots of necessities. Nevertheless, it can be a big family project, which also helps to get the job done faster. The tree house can be used for family picnics or as a place for your children to hang out. All you need is a carefully measured work plan and a large, sturdy tree that can support the weight tree houses and its passengers.

Blueforest Livable Tree Houses

Blueforest Livable Tree Houses


Use a tree that is wide and sturdy with a thick stem. It must have at least two to livable tree houses thick low branches that grow horizontally to the ground, as well as branches in the middle of the tree that grow vertically. The key: Make sure that these branches can support the importance of a tree trunk platform. Weather circles the tree to pick the branches where the tree trunk platform can rest. Then pick out the upper branches where the other tree trunk platform will be sitting. Between these levels, a ladder will be nailed to the trunk.

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Now measure the height and width, the height between the levels, and the size of each platform. Envision where every tree house wall will go, yet determines the size of a tape measure. Using these measurements, draw a design as accurately as possible on checked paper. Build a ladder from the ground to the first platform livable tree houses. Use a hand saw to create steps, each about two feet long, and nail them on the front of the bonfire. Measure boards for the width and length of the tree trunk. Lay each cross the branches to make the first story. Lay them as evenly as possible and make sure they fit properly.

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